This list includes lessons created by teachers in our programs as well as in collaboration with UCBHSSP staff and graduate students. Search the database for lessons aligned to the appropriate grade level standards.

Grade Lesson Topic Focus Question/Lesson Description Lesson File Includes Primary Sources? CA Unit Content Standard

Historical perspectives of tension/violence between black community and police in the United States. 

How has the historical relationship between law enforcement and communities of color created different perspectives regarding the violence of the summer of 2016? Download Yes

The Role of Media in Black Activism

Over the last century, how have black activists used different forms of media to spread the word about state-sanctioned violence against the black community? Download Yes

Playing ‘Rigged Monopoly’ to Explore the Legacy of Inequality

How can society address economic inequities created during slavery and that continued to the present following the federal abandonment of Reconstruction policies? Download No

This lesson is intended as a lesson to begin the year. The lesson asks students to reflect on their own definition of history and why the study of history is important. 

Why should we study history? Download

This toolkit will help teachers and students as they work together to learn the basics of oral history and conduct interviews with community members and participants in historical events. 

What is an oral history? How is oral history useful? What is not a good use for oral history? Download