How can our work empower teachers to make deliberate decisions with regard to how and what they teach? How can history... Read More

Three years ago, a group of teachers from the Contra Costa juvenile court schools attended a series of workshops on integrating language development and literacy into history classrooms. Building off that work, the school invited Phyllis Goldsmith, UCBHSSP’s... Read More

Lillie Wong is a 8th grade teacher at Rancho Medanos Junior High School in Pittsburg. She just completed her first year in TRG.

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Upcoming Events

12 February 2020

Session 2: Ethnic Studies

Participants will be introduced to steps for consideration in planning an Ethnic Studies course.

6 March 2020

Join teachers from across the Bay Area to explore the resources for teachers available at UC Berkeley.

11 March 2020

Session 3: Making History

Use student and local history to introduce students to the concepts of historical thinking.