Native California History Resources

Over the last few years, UCBHSSP has spent time learning about settler colonialism and the ongoing history, presence, and organizing of Ohlone people in the Bay Area. These resources have been compiled and developed as a result of this period of study and have informed shifts in programming and work with teachers.

We hope they serve as a useful launching place for educators who are working to center the history and contemporary work of local Tribal communities through their instruction and to reinforce for students that we live and work on unceded Ohlone land.

Life in an Ohlone Village near SF Bay

Depiction of Pruristac, a Ramaytush village in what is now Pacifica, by Amy Hosa & Linda Yamane, 2019.

SMCHA 2019.43.1 San Mateo County Historical Association, posted on the website of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, National Park Service.