Integrated Action Civics

Please visit the Integrated Action Civics Project website for strategies and detailed information. 

Brief Program Overivew

UCBHSSP participates in the Integrated Action Civics Project, an insturctional approach that integrates civically-engaged project-based learning with History-Social Studies curriculum.  Now in its fourth year, IACP is a collaboration among the UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project (UCBHSSP), the Santa Clara COE and the San Mateo COE, along with a dedicated cohort of teacher leaders, to develop and pilot a powerful approach to the integration of civic engagement into any History-Social Science course curriculum.  

  • Integrated Action Civics Model diagram

How is this approach different? 

Most civic engagement programs take place within government or civics courses, or exist as isolated projects within history classrooms. This model engages educators in the development of civic action projects that are deeply integrated within the history curriculum, as called for in the California H-SS Framework.  The Integrated Action Civics Project provides an approach and strategies to help teachers weave the powerful lenses and practices of civic action and change-analysis throughout the study of course content in order to prepare and support students' action civic projects. 

Our goal is to empower all students through the integration of civic disposition, skills and engagement opportunities within K-12 History-Social Studies courses.

What does integrated action civics look like? 

Teachers collaboratively design, implement and evaluate curriculum-integrated civic engagement projects. 

  • Teachers create units within their course curriculum, referencing contemporary themes.
  • Units develop students’ capacity for disciplinary thinking and analysis through historical case studies. 
  • Historical knowledge and investigatory skills are applied to a related contemporary issue affecting the local community, moving toward developing action and advocacy-based solutions. 
  • Teachers integrate concepts of civic engagement, such as power and stakeholder analysis, to deepen the exploration of course content.

Integrate civic engagement into your courses