#TeachTruth in History Education


UCBHSSP invites Bay Area educators to join us in participating in a nation-wide campaign to support history teachers in making curricular choices that engage students in conversation about the history of race, justice, and oppression in the history of what is now the United States.

In solidarity with Zinn Education, Black Lives Matter at School, and African American Policy Forum, we invite you (and friends or colleagues) to visit a location in your community that speaks to a piece of history threatened by recent legislation to limit topics discussed in history classrooms. Take a photo with a sign that reads #TeachTruth and share it with us.  

How can you participate?

We will post all images shared with us to the UCBHSSP twitter feed in order to show the commitment of Bay Area educators to #TeachTruth.

#teachtruth photo 1

Indian Rock Park, Berkeley, CA
How is the founding of our contemporary communities a consequence of the displacement of Native Californian communities?


Mining Equipment, Grass Valley, CA

What were the short and long term consequences to Native Californians as a result of the introduction of industrial capitalism during American colonization?

#teachtruth photo 2

Cesar Chavez Park, Oakland, CA
How does the ongoing organizing of the United Farm Workers reveal the role of migrant labor to the US economy?

#teachtruth - railroad worker

Chinese Railroad Worker Statue, Auburn, CA

How did the exploitation of international workers lead to the economic growth of the United States?