#TeachTruth in History Education


UCBHSSP invites Bay Area educators to join us in participating in a nation-wide campaign to support history teachers in making curricular choices that engage students in conversation about the history of race, justice, and oppression in the history of what is now the United States.

In solidarity with Zinn Education, Black Lives Matter at School, and African American Policy Forum, we invite you (and friends and colleagues) to join us.


June 11 at 11 am (in person)


Across from the William Byron Rumford Statue, at the corner of Julia and Sacramento.


William Byron Rumford was a local pharmacist and the first Black legislator to represent northern California in the legislature. He led the work to create the state's fair housing law, which inspired federal fair housing legislation. Our students need to know this local history and about this legislative effort to combat structural racism.

Why now?

Legislation being authored across the country seeks to limit discussion about systemic inequities based on race. The work of William Byron Rumford, and others like him, must be shared in schools to help us understand our past and inspire our actions in the present.

This event, part of a national campaign, will show that Bay Area educators stand in solidarity with their colleagues across the country.

Can't make our event? Plan your own.

Invite friends or colleagues to a site in your community, or simply visit by yourself and take a photo to post to social media. Here's what we did last year, for inspiration. And, here's guidance from the Zinn Education Project on nine ways to participate.

Rumford Fair Housing flyer
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William Byron Rumford Statue