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Making History - 03/11/2020 - Cancelled!

This event was cancelled based on the University's emerging guidance on limiting the spread of caronavirus. Use student and local history to introduce students to the concepts of historical thinking.

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UCB PDP Free Learning Series

UCBHSSP, in partnership with UC Berkeley Professional Development Providers, is offering free online learning sessions for educators who are homebound during Covid19 and being asked to transition to virtual learning platforms. UCBHSSP is offering programs on March 31 and April 7. Check out the full calendar of cross-disciplinary listings.

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Summer Programs

Learn about UCBHSSP's planned programs for summer 2020. Registration now open.

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Building Anti-Racist White (history) Educators - ongoing

Inspired by the work of the BARWE teacher action group in Philadelphia, UCBHSSP hosts monthly meetings to discuss the action taking required to be an anti-racist educator, in the particular context of history classrooms.

Professional Development for Educators - ongoing

A number of units across campus offer programs in support of the ongoing learning of classroom teachers. Check out this events calendar and share it with your colleagues in other content areas.

Contact us at 510-643-0897 or ucbhssp@berkeley.edu