Teaching English Learners in the History Classroom

This 4 part online series will focus on how to help ELL students gain access to complex texts in history classrooms. Participants will identify the specific challenges within historical text and analytical writing.

The series will focus on centering student experiences, developing scaffolds and strategies for historical sources, bridging reading to writing, and helping students communicate their learning. 

Series Overview

11/30/22 Literacy in the History Classroom

1/18/23   Developing Scaffolds and Strategies for Texts

3/1/23     Oral Discourse: Bridging Reading to Writing

4/5/23     Synthesizing Information and Communicating Learning

Meeting Dates & Times

3:45-5:15pm - 11/30/22, 1/18/23, 3/1/23, 4/5/23 (on zoom)

Facilitators: Phyllis Goldsmith and Jason Muñiz