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California History-Social Science Framework

The History-Social Science Framework, which was adopted in July 2016, parallels the UCBHSSP approach, asking teachers to develop inquiry-driven courses of instruction that integrate the H-SS Standards (content and historical analysis) and Common Core Standards for Literacy in History while integrating ELD instructional models.

UCBHSSP trainers work alongside teachers in devising inquiry questions, identifying important course themes, determining where to emphasize content, selecting supplemental materials, and designing learning strategies. Our team can also support district and site leadership as they plan for implementation in their context. You can read a bit about our work here and listen to Academic Coordinator Devin Hess discuss the Framework hereRegister for one of our upcoming programs or contact us to customize a program for your site or district.

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Grade-Specific Chapters (Google Doc Format*)

H-SS Framework Questions (By Grade Level)

Kindergarten                Full Document   Grade 8 Excerpt Full Document
Grade 1 Excerpt Full Document   Grade 9 (Geo) Excerpt Full Document
Grade 2 Excerpt Full Document   Grade 9 (Ethnic) Excerpt  
Grade 3 Excerpt Full Document   Grade 10 Excerpt Full Document
Appx C-Teaching the Contemporary World
Grade 4 Excerpt Full Document   Grade 11 Excerpt Full Document
Grade 5 Excerpt Full Document   Grade 12 Gov Excerpt Full Document
Grade 6 Excerpt Full Document   Grade 12 Econ Excerpt Full Document
Grade 7 Excerpt Full Document        


Selected Chapters (Google Doc Format*)

CHAPTER TITLE EXCERPT FULL DOCUMENT                                                                         
1 Introduction to the Framework Excerpt Full Document
2 Instructional Practices K-5   Full Document
9 Instructional Practices 6-8   Full Document
13 Instructional Practices 9-12   Full Document
19 Assessment of Proficiency in H-SS Excerpt:  Short  /  Long Full Document
20 Access and Equity Excerpt Full Document
21 Instructional Strategies Excerpt Full Document
Appendix B Problems, Questions & Themes Excerpts: ShortLong Full Document
Appendix D Teaching the Contemporary World   Full Document
Appendix E Educating for Democracy: Civic Education   Full Document
Appendix F Religion and History   Full Document
Appendix G Environment Initiative   Full Document
Appendix H Practicing Civic Engagement - Service Learning   Full Document
Appendices Full Appendix to Framework (Contains Appendix A - H)   Full Document

*The Framework readings were excerpted and/or reformatted as Google Docs by the UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project to aid educators in exploring the shifts encouraged by the Framework. These are not the official documents or excerpts of the California Department of Education. To access the Framework as presented by theCDE, please visit the CDE Framework website

Framework Course, Unit & Lesson Planning

Course Level Planning Worksheet

Scaffold planning for the course-level inquiry

Unit Backwards Planning Guide

Plan unit focus and content.

Unit Planning

Lesson Plan Summary

Framework-aligned lesson summary.