Implementing the H-SS Framework: Exploring Japan and the Medieval World

During the summer of 2017, UCBHSSP partnered with the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco to present a summer institute for 7th grade teachers.


  • Evaluate the H-SS Framework and the shifts in planning and instruction it models
  • Refine units of instruction on Japan, and its interconnectedness to China, Korea, and India, based on the H-SS Framework
  • Center objects and artwork as evidence in lessons

The one week institute, took place at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, and included scholar talks, model lessons, introduction of learning strategies to foster inquiry,  literacy and disciplinary thinking, and planning time.

Model Lessons from the Institute: 

Japan Unit Map

The Impact of Geography on the Development of Japan

The Spread of Buddhism in Medieval Japan

Japanese Swords and Trade


Monday, July 10, 2017 - 9:00am
7th grade teachers
Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

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July 10-14, 2017