Community Convening - Integrated Action Civics

2019-2020 Community Convenings

These sessions serve to facilitate dialogues across Bay Area districts, reinforcing a regional understanding with regard to instructional strategies for H-SS classrooms.


Session 1: Integrated Action Civics


Join us for an introduction to Integrated Action Civics, a curricular approach being developed by the UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project that immerses civic engagement and the analysis of contemporary issues into course content. In this workshop, we’ll look at how the analysis of power can both support student activism as well as deepen the exploration of your course content. 

Who has, and who does not have, power? This is often how dominance and oppression are examined. But there are many lenses or frameworks through which to examine how power operates: What attributes tend to empower some groups over others? How is power expressed? Where is power located? And what are the faces of power? This workshop will explore these lenses through which to view and analyze power using scaffolds designed to make this analysis easily accessible to students. 

During the workshop, you will collaboratively engage with these strategies and will leave with a set of classroom-ready scaffolds with which you can help your students understand and navigate power in our society.


  • Overview of Integrated Action Civics
  • Power Analysis - Contemporary Issue
  • Integrating Power Analysis into a Lesson

Learn more about Integrated Action Civics, informed by our South Bay Inquiry Group.


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Wednesday, November 6, 2019 - 9:00am
UC Berkeley

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6 November 2019