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What is distinct about writing in history?

The sites of the California History-Social Science Project (CHSSP) developed materials on writing in the history classroom over the last two years. This project began with an understanding that there is a distinctive approach to thinking and communicating in history-social science, and have thus found it important to provide discipline-specific tools to support teachers as they help their students develop the ability to reason about the past. The work of a number of scholars on historical thinking has provided us guidance. But it was most deeply informed by a multi-year collaboration with Dr. Peter Seixas and the Historical Thinking Project. These writing tools we developed incorporate 5 concepts of historical thinking as the basis for analysis for writing - and thinking - in a history classroom and broaden the discussion of evidence in writing.

Please explore the resources we have made available and check back for updates over the next few months!

CHSSP Writing in History

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