The H-SS Framework

Academic Coordinator Devin Hess explains the importance of inquiry, literacy, and historical thinking to H-SS Framework-informed planning and instruction. Video here.

Planning for Literacy

Project Co-Director Phyllis Goldsmith, narrates a elementary reading to writing lesson. Video here.

Using Artifacts as Evidence

Orinda 6th grade teacher Alison Waterman discusses how she has developed her practice through her relationship with UCBHSSP and presents a model lesson, with explicit attention to how to heightened student use of evidence. Video here.  The corresponding lesson is here.

"Keep It or Junk It"

Oakland teacher, and UCBHSSP Teacher Leader, Jennifer Brouhard demonstrates "Keep It or Junk It," a strategy to critically analyze text, with her fifth grade students. Teachers in multiple disciplines and grade levels have utilized "Kee It or Junk It."