Resources & Projects


This learning tool was created for participants to use and share with their students during visits to historic sites. More information on using landmarks and memorials as points of study can be found at our Making History site.


The following curriculum projects are representative of those created by teachers during the 2014 and 2016 summer workshops.  

Impact of World War II on Women of Color  

Medieval vs. Modern Defense  

Identity Project. Who Am I - ELA

Wisconsin Home Front in World War II  

Examining Rosie the Riveter  

World War II and the San Francisco Bay Area DBQ

World War II Propaganda

Civil Rights and Security (Utah) - Science/History

Japanese American Teenagers  

Gender Roles   

WWII through Oral HIstory  

WWII Memorial - Art

Japanese Internment Memorial 

Japanese American Internment (oral history)

WWII Propaganda

Gender in WWII