Housing and FAQs

When will this NEH Landmarks be held?

This one week workshop was last held during the summer of 2019. We look forward to hosting this program again in the future.

Participants arrived on the Sunday prior to formal programming and departed on Friday evening.

What are the conference accommodations at UC Berkeley?

UC Berkeley Conference Services offers our participants single occupancy rooms in shared suites for the entirety of your workshop (Check-in on Sunday/Check-out on Friday). Beds are made prior to arrival with pillow, pillow case, sheets, blanket and bedspread.  Two towels, face cloth and a bar of soap are provided and a small lamp is placed on each desk.  Linens and towels are changed weekly.  Bedrooms are not cleaned during your stay, however, common areas such as lounges and bathrooms are cleaned daily. The approximate cost of $600.00 will be deducted from participant stipends. Pricing also includes meals, including boxed lunches during our travel days. Housing accommodations are ADA compliant.

Please read through the UC Berkeley Guest Services Brochure for more information about staying in campus conference accommodations. 
We encourage all participants, even those who live locally, to stay in campus housing. This will promote the development of strong collegial relationships among participants.
What items should I bring?

NEH Summer Scholars should bring additional toiletries such as shampoo, etc. We also encourage scholars to bring a laptop or tablet as we do not have a computer lab for our use. And, please do pack layers (see below).

What meals can I expect?

Meals are available as part of the conference accommodations. UC Berkeley Dining Facilities meals include vegetarian and vegan options. Boxed lunch will be provided for our travel days. During our visit to Japantown (Day 3), participants will purchase lunch on their own. A number of restaurants - from fast casual, to casual dining, to fine dining are in proximity to the univeristy and lodging.

What is UC Berkeley like?

UC Berkeley is located in the thriving and busy Berkeley downtown area. It is a campus known for its excellent academics and lively student culture, where activisim and debate are integral parts of campus life. This was the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement after all!

With over 36,000 students, the campus and surrounding area can be busy, but our campus also features many quiet spaces. More information about UC Berkeley can be found at the UC Berkeley Visitor Guide.

Are smoking facilities provided?

As of January 2014, the UC Berkeley became a smoke-free campus. Please refrain from smoking on campus grounds to avoid citation.

What is the weather like in the Bay Area?

Bay Area weather can be highly variable during the summer, especially between coastal and inland areas. We advise NEH Summer Scholars to bring layered clothing, sun screen, and hats and to be prepared for changes in weather during our field visits. The Bay Area tends to get heavy fog during summer months, leading to very cool mornings and warm afternoons. We ofen start the morning with layers (jacket and scarf) and end in short sleeves.

What kind of footwear should I bring?

Good walking shoes are recommended as we will be traversing varied terrain including city sidewalks, bay side trails, costal bluffs, ship ladders, and some unpaved paths.  A good rule of thumb is to be sure to break in your footwear before the trip! Day 1 begins with a gradual three quarter mile walk on a paved road to Battery Townsley in the Marin Headlands. Previous participants say it is worth the effort!

How do I get around once I arrive?

Oakland and San Francisco airports are serviced by BART, our Bay Area subway system. BART is also a great way to travel into San Francisco from UC Berkeley. UC Berkeley is located at the Downtown Berkeley station of the Richmond Line. To learn more about BART, go to www.bart.gov. Detailed travel information will be sent to confirmed applicants.

Note: We strongly advise against bringing a car to these workshops. You will not need one for the workshop and the campus does not provide overnight parking for non-students.  Participants who must bring a car are responsible for making parking arrangements.

What should I do if I am traveling with my family?

While we recognize that the Bay Area is a popular tourist destination, we are unable to accomodate family members in the conference housing and in the site visits.  Separate lodging for family members will need to be arranged.  

Can I receive course credit for the workshop?

3 Professional Level Credits are available through the UC Berkeley Extension School. These credits are designed for educators and have a cost of $275, paid to UC Extension. We will provide registration information for confirmed participants.

Teachers walking