Movement, Mobilization, and Militarization: World War II and the Home Front

We will be hosting this workshop during the summer of 2019. Please check back later this Fall for updated information about the program and application.


This NEH Landmarks workshop focuses on three themes:

  • The movement of diverse peoples westward, altering the cultural landscape of the state and nation
  • How mobilization for war altered previous social roles and expectations, the economy, and industrial work
  • How militarization had lasting implications on technology, industry, and civil rights.

Educators from across the country have travelled to the Bay Area to explore the workshop themes through scholar lectures, visits to landmarks of national significance, and intellectual discussions that inspire curriculum development. Together participants will discuss the question - How did World War II alter American society?

Please explore this site to learn more about the structure of the most recent summer workshop and to review some of the materials created by participating teachers from the 2014 and 2016 workshops!

  • Mark Brilliant
    Associate Professor, History, UC Berkeley

  • Rachel B. Reinhard
    Director, UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project




“I was inspired to make some changes to how I integrated local history into my high school history classes. Here was this incredible landmark, quite literally, right in my own backyard. I didn’t know it existed and hadn’t considered how I might utilize something like it to engage my students.”  -2014 NEH Landmarks Teacher Participant