Community of Practice: Co-Constructing Ethnic Studies Lessons

Street Demonstration

Join UCHSSP's first community of practice specifically for Bay Area Ethnic Studies educators!

Over four sessions, participants will meet virtually to co-construct classroom materials that can be used to teach key Ethnic Studies concepts, with a particular focus on identity and the Four I's of Oppression.  Amidst discussions of injustice and oppression, we will discuss how instruction must be connected to the concept of critical hope. 

Each session will allow time for community building, discussion of key concepts, and application to your classroom context. We hope this community of practice can serve as a sustaining location for Ethnic Studies teachers in the region, fostering connection and inspiring collaboration.

  • Session 1 - Who are we and how are we working with our district to build Ethnic Studies?

  • Session 2 - Internalized and Interpersonal Oppression

  • Session 3 - Ideological and Institutional Oppression

  • Session 4 - Reflection on Learning

Session Meeting Dates & Times

4-6pm - 11/29/22, 12/13/22, 1/17/23, and 1/31/23 (on zoom)

Facilitator: Jason Muñiz