Santa Clara County: H-SS Framework Implementation Study Group for Teachers

Are you intrigued by the new H-SS Framework and interested in exploring how it encourages a shift in your instructional planning and teaching? The UCB History-Social Science Project in partnership with the SCCOE is offering  professional development  to support teachers in the implementation of the new California History-Social Science Frameworks.  This year-long study group will work in a collaborative setting with support from staff from the UC Berkeley, California History-Social Science Project (a chapter of the CHSSP that was the principal author of the Framework).  With grade-level cohorts, you’ll have the opportunity to reframe a course, unit and lessons around inquiry, historical thinking, disciplinary literacy, and civic engagement.

Mini-Institute: Friday, October 6 and Saturday, October 7, 2017 (8:00am—3:00pm)
Goals: Introduce Framework shifts, explore historical thinking concepts and analysis strategies, 
develop course & unit inquiries, design integrated unit.
Two Saturday Sessions: November 4, 2017 and December 2, 2017 (8:00am—3:00pm)
Explore discipline-specific literacy strategies; apply cascading inquiry & historical 
thinking analysis in the design of an exemplar lesson.
Three Wednesday Check-in Sessions:  January 17, February 7, March 14, 2018 (4:00pm—7:00pm)
Explore additional aspects of the Framework, review and reflect on lessons, review student work samples, explore additional learning strategies, develop & test additional units & lessons.
Review/Closing Session: Saturday, April 14, 2017 (8:00am—3:00pm)
Share Framework-aligned lessons, review student work, explore additional Framework concepts.
Who should attend?
All K-12 History-Social Studies teachers are invited (you don’t have to work in Santa Clara County). 
The only requirement is a willingness to collaborate and explore new approaches to teaching history.
Cost: $695 per person for the series ($87 per session)
Location: Santa Clara County Office of Education
1290 Ridder Park Drive, San Jose, CA 95131






Saturday, October 7, 2017 - 8:00am
Santa Clara County Office of Education

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October 7, 2017 - April 14, 2018
$695 per person