The History and Memory of the Holocaust

Join secondary history and English teachers to examine the history and memory of the Holocaust in this academic seminar series held over six days between October 1 and March 14.  Studying Hitler's policy of Jewish extermination and the lived experiences of European Jews during World War II provides an important entry point for teaching about historical perspectives and the ethical dimension of history.  Exploration of this past genocide and the consequent establishment of a Jewish state also provides important context for understanding the current crisis in Gaza and contemporary genocides.  This series includes talks from noted scholars, academic readings, film viewings, support for curriculum development, model lessons, and seminar style discussion about teaching this significant and emotionally charged history. A generous grant allows us to cover substitute costs and to provide stipends, books, and meals to all participants. Click here for more information and apply today!

Participants receive a $350 stipend and can purchases 3 quarter units from UC Davis Extension.


Wednesday, October, 1 @ UCB Wednesday, January 28 @ UCB
Wednesday, November 5 @ UCB Wednesday, February 25 @ UCB
Wednesday, December 3 @ Tauber Library, SF Saturday, March 14 @ UCB





To Apply

Email with “HMH” in the subject line and the following:

  • Your name
  • teaching assignment
  • best phone number
  • email address
  • home mailing address
  • paragraph (or two) describing why you’d like to participate.
  • Please identify your major interests, questions, and challenges you find when teaching about the Holocaust.


Contact or call (530) 752-4383.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 - 9:00am
Bay Area educators
UC Berkeley & Tauber Holocaust Library, San Francisco

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Oct. 2014-March 2015