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LGBTQ Histories: What You Didn’t Learn in Your K-12 Social Studies Classes!

Learn about the FAIR (Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful) Act, the opportunities it has presented, how the way gender and sexuality is being taught is becoming richer and go through a curriculum module ourselves! Everyone welcome!

Scholar Talk and Lesson Share (Institute Follow Up)

Professor Stephanie Jones-Rogers, a scholar on American slavery, will present a talk on how we can use history to make sense of contemporary events. Following the lecture, teachers who participated in the 2015 summer institutes will share student work that emerged from the lessons they created. All are welcome to stay and participate in these structured lesson shares.

Teacher Presenter Academy (Advanced Common Core)

The Teacher Presenter Academy (previously Advanced Common Core) is an invitation-only program for teachers and instructional leaders who work closely with UCBHSSP. Participating teachers will workshop ideas that can be developed into presentations for colleagues at school sites, UCBHSSP programming, and conferences.
If you would like to participate in this institute but have note received an invitation to apply, please email us at

California and the Nation - Summer 2016

California and the Nation: Exploring the Broader Significance of Local History is funded through the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources program. The 5-day institute will offer teachers the opportunity to create lessons that explore how studying events in California can amplify and augment the study of United States History. You can read more about our approach here.

Historical Perspectives

This session will focus on how to build  context and schema so that students can better understand the people of the past.

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Rome and Han: Using Primary Sources to Compare Governance in Ancient Empires

This session will provide classroom teachers with background knowledge to contextualize historical content, along with learning strategies to help students access and analyze primary and secondary sources as they studythe past.


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Structured Academic Discussions: Increasing Evidence-based Conversation in the Classroom

Using an example from a US government class, this session presents a model for how teachers can increase opportunities for robust student discussion based on evidence.

Encounters with Tobacco: The Development of the Virginia Colony

Engage students in a multi-day lesson to determine the significance of tobacco introduction to the development of a plantocracy in colonial Virginia. This classroom-tested lesson provides a model for integrating explicit instruction of historical thinking and literacy.

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Environmental Change and Relocation (Global History Series)

"Environmental Change and Relocation" is the final of three Saturday sessions for teachers exploring the Movement of People in the contemporary world. This session will include a lecture exploring how farmers and herders in northwest China are creating strategies for survival amidst government relocation policies. This lecture will add complexity to the understanding of both government policy and peasant response. A model lesson, which exploring perspective -- why people migrated to California during the Great Depression -- will be presented.

Transport of Labor (Global History Series)

Please complete this form to let us know that you will be attending. "Transport of Labor" is the second of three Saturday sessions for teachers exploring the Movement of People in the contemporary world. This session will include a lecture on the migration of South Asian laborers to the Middle East and a model lesson, which will explore indentured servitude in the American colonies. While this event is open to all educators, 5th and 8th grade teachers are especially encouraged to register.


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