Teacher Research Group

Teacher Research GroupThe Teacher Research Group meets monthly during the academic year to discuss research and develop instructional strategies in history-social science education. The group is led by the Project's Site Director and Co-Director. Participants represent elementary, middle, and high school teachers from across the Bay Area.

Over the last decade, the TRG has developed and innovated on a number of discipline-specific reading and writing strategies, which have been shared through UCBHSSP programming and the self-published handbook Access for All Learners. Since 2013, the TRG has focused on developing learning strategies, informed by the work of Peter Seixas, to explicitly teach historical thinking to students.Currently, we are exploring how to support the teaching of controversial issues in H-SS classrooms.

In addition to refining instructional strategies, informed through the examination of student work, fellows practice facilitation and presentation skills in order to lead UCBHSSP programming, present at conferences, and serve as ambassadors for history education at their schools and districts. Teachers who have attended UCBHSSP institutes or professional development program are eligible to apply.

Apply for the UCB TRG: Application for the 2018-2019 cohort are closed. If you would like more information or to discuss future involvement with the UCBHSSP-TRG, please email ucbhssp@berkeley.eduIf you are interested in joining a future cohort, please complete an application here

South Bay and Peninsula Opportunities: Learn about our other teacher inquiry groups in partnership with county offices of education.

"I definitely appreciate the opportunity to use TRG as a 'workshop' for new lessons."

"Thank you so much for all that you have offered: a safe space to reflect and grow, a group of professional and passionate educators, nothing but necessary and practical resources and ideas, and your patience and understanding with everything personal and professional."