Common Core

We've listed websites that are helpful to History-Social Science educators. UCBHSSP is not responsible for the maintenence or content of these websites. This is by no means an exhaustive list of online resources, but rather a place to start (and some of our favorites!).

Academic Literacy

America in Class -- focus questions

Beyond the Bubble -- assessment

Historical Thinking

American Historical Association, History Tuning Project, History Discipline Core.

Bain, Bob, "Thinking Historically, the Flat Earth."

History Learning Project, University of Indiana. 

Seixas, Peter, The Historical Thinking Project.

VanSledright, Bruce, What Does It Mean To Think Historically and How Do You Teach It?, Social Education. 1-7. 

Wineburg, Sam, Historical Thinking Matters and Stanford History Education Group.

Common Core

Practice Tests -- Smarter Balanced Practice Tests

Sample Lessons -- Equip       Engage NY      Achieve the Core

Sample Texts and Focus Questions -- Perspectives for a Diverse Society      America in Class