UCBHSSP facilitators and teacher leaders are available to work with your district, school, and department. Professional development plans are tailored to meet the unique needs of students and teachers. We find that the most effective collaborations occur over 3 years with on-site coaching and support toward explicit planning for academic literacy and discipline-specific thinking based on a cycle of inquiry. 

School-Site Coaching:

  • Whole School Reform
  • H-SS Framework and Common Core Implementation 
  • Developing Teacher Leadership Cadres
  • Cycles of Inquiry
  • One-on-One Support 
  • Demonstration Lessons and Observations
  • Lesson Study

Our work is centered around academic literacy strategies that address the following questions.

Disciplinary Thinking

  • How can teacher planning foster historical thinking?
  • How can teachers design instructional models to make historical thinking explicit t students?
  • How can teachers design assignments that invite students into the construction of knowledge in history?


  • How can teachers design learning opportunities with multiple possible answers?
  • How can teachers foster question asking among students?


  • What do history teachers need to know about reading and writing in order to teach history effectively?
  • How can teachers structure writing assignments to facilitate the learning of content and historical analysis skills?
  • How can teachers provide the additional instruction students need to overcome literacy challenges and meet grade level standards?

UCBHSSP workshops can be stand-alone sessions or part of an on-going series. A workshop series enhances collaborative planning and the implementation of new teaching strategies. Our work with schools spans single day workshops to multi-year collaborations.

For more information, contact us at 510-643-0897 or your message, please share the context of your department, school, or district and the desired time, budget, and learnings. As our programming is custom tailored for each site, this information will allow us to better respond to your needs.)