Oral Histories of the FSM

After studying social movements and exploring parts of the Student Activism unit, students from CAL Prep, working in small groups with graduates students from UC Berkeley, interviewed participants in the Free Speech Movement and Third World Liberation Front. Below are excerpts from those interviews, as well as brief biographies of each activist.

Find photos from the Interview Day on the FSM Archives.

Use this link to access the complete student activism oral history channel via YouTube. Additional interviews, conducted by students during the summer of 2017, can be found here.

The views and opinons expressed in these interviews are solely those of the interviewee and do not necessarily represent those of Aspire California Preparatory Academy, UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project, or Regents of the University of California and their agents.


Bob Cirese, Free Speech Movement Participant

"I was one of the first people to sit in front of the police car...If they move this car, I'm going to get crushed. Fortunately, 300 other people joined me in blocking the car." 

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Adrianne Aron, Free Speech Movement Participant

"[Mario Savio] was the guy who talked to nobodies."

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Linda Artel, Free Speech Movement Participant

"I had to decide, after being part of this for weeks and months, was I going to get arrested?"

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Harvey Dong, Third World Liberation Front Participant

"We wanted programs that were relevant to our lives, such as Ethnic Studies Programs."

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Jack Litewka, Free Speech Movement Participant

The FSM "made campusus a legitimate area to have political and social discussions."

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John Jekabson, Free Speech Movement Participant

"I did try to keep a distance so that I could be impartial, but you really couldn't be impartial."

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Interview with Patti Iiyama

Patti Iiyama, Third World Liberation Front and Free Speech Movement Participant

"In the FSM 'you had a feel for how democracy works, and how to reach our to people to change people's minds'"

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